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Log Splitter Converts To Pipe Bender
"As a welder, I've always enjoyed using bent pipe for projects. But my pipe bender was powered by a bottle jack so it was just too slow. My solution was to make a pipe bender to fit my log splitter," says Sal Galluppi, Sellersville, Penn.  
  The bender consists of a semi circular pipe pusher that slides back and forth on top of a 2-ft. wide metal box. The pipe pusher rides in a 1-in. wide groove and is moved along by a 2-in. dia. shaft that fits into the log splitter's pusher plate.
  "It works just like a log splitter so it works fast. I can bend 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and 1-in. pipe," says Galluppi.
  First, Galluppi made the wedge on the splitter, which he also built himself, removable. He created a 6-in. wide recess in the top of the beam where the wedge is normally located. The wedge sets in this recess and is secured by a 1 1/2-in. dia. pin. By removing the wedge, Galluppi can fit the pipe bender - which has a 6-in. wide channel iron on the bottom - into the same recess. He also drilled and tapped the pusher plate to receive the end of the 2-in. dia. shaft.
  To bend pipe, the operator places it between the pipe pusher and a pair of 4-in. square blocks that fit into holes on each side of the pipe bender box. Then he manually pushes the hydraulic lever that controls the splitter ram. As the pipe pusher moves forward it applies force between the blocks. How far the pusher goes determines the angle at which the pipe gets bent.
  "I'm well pleased with how it turned out," says Galluppi. "I enjoy making things for myself and have always liked working with pipe, but bending it was always a challenge. I built the splitter using a kit that I bought from Northern Hydraulics (www.northerntool.com). The splitter has a 4 by 24-in. cylinder, 11 gpm pump and is powered by a 5 hp engine. It puts out 12 1/2 tons of force so it has no trouble bending pipe. Although I've never used it to bend anything larger than a 1-in. dia. pipe, I'm sure it has enough power to bend larger pipes, too. I can bend pipe to a 90 degree angle or more.
  "Each square block has four different faces, for different diameter pipe so the pipe doesn't get crushed when force is put on it. I can bend 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and 1-in. pipe. When bending pipe I have to watch where I'm standing because if I don't, one end of the pipe might come back and hit me in the legs."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sal Galluppi, 839 E. Rockhill Road, Sellersville, Penn. 18960 (ph 215 536-8671).

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