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Grinder Fitted With Chop Saw Wheels
"I use my bench grinder for many different jobs. One afternoon while working on a project in my shop, I needed a fast cutting grinder for something I was working on. I noticed a few chop saw wheels laying around and an idea popped in my head. I stacked three chop saw wheels together and quickly mounted them onto the bench grinder. I thought to myself the moment I started using it śWow, what a great idea!' I couldn't believe how much faster these wheels were," says Bud Blanton, Gaffney, S. Carolina.
  "I found this idea works great for rough grinding to remove a lot of metal from objects."
  According to Blanton, chop saw wheels have a coarser grit than grinder wheels and are made to cut faster, which is why the idea works. You can often get used chop saw wheels for free at local welding shops.
  To install the chop saw wheels on the grinder's spindle he used some left-over grinding wheel bushings, cutting them down to the proper length for the number of chop saw wheels to be used. He also made a bigger shield to handle the larger size of the chop saw wheels.
  "I've found that chop saw wheels cut at least twice as fast as grinding wheels," says Blanton. "I use them to sharpen lawn mower blades and to knock the edges off metal, etc. Chop saw wheels don't leave a smooth finish but they get the job done."
  Each chop saw wheel measures a little more than 1/8 in. wide, so when three of them are stacked together you get a grinding area about 1/2 in. wide, says Blanton. He says you can stack as many of the wheels together as you want, depending on the job. "I suggest stacking two chop saw wheels together for normal objects."
  He suggests making the grinder shield 1 1/2 to 2 in. larger than the largest wheel, and making the shield 2 1/2 in. or more wider on a steady rest, using 5/16 or 3/8-in. round stock for the steady rest instead of flat steel.
  To prevent the metal grindings from building up, he angles the part where the sparks hit, downward instead of toward the back.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bud Blanton, 1600 W. Rutledge Ave., Gaffney, S. Carolina 29341 (ph 864 489-5466; jfalls6586@charter.net).

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