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Loft Storage Easy With New Lift Platform
Getting boxes, spare parts, and other supplies up to the upper levels of a garage or shop just got a whole lot easier with the new Versa Lift. Introduced at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, it's easy to install and easy to use.
Versa Lift consists of a lifting platform and a docking station on the upper level. It requires an opening in the ceiling of 22 1/2 by 46 1/2-in. and a headspace of only 48 in. on the upper level. The platform has a self-adjusting floor with sensors that stop descent at the lower floor and stop ascent when the platform is even with the upper floor.
When lifted into position on the upper level, the bottom of the platform "closes the door" on the ceiling port, sealing off the storage space.
The platform is lifted and lowered by two cables suspended from the docking station framework. All that is required on the lower level is open floor space.
Two models are available. The Model 24 has a 200-lb. capacity. The Model 32 has a 250-lb. capacity. Several variations of each are available with floor to floor distances of up to 20 ft. Wireless remotes are available as an option versus the standard corded remote.
Prices range from $1,185 for the Model 24 with a range of 8 to 11 ft. to $2,895 for the Model 32 with a floor-to-floor range of 14 to 20 ft. and a wireless remote.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Byers Product Group, P.O. Box 270366, Oklahoma City, Okla. 73137 (ph 405 943-1468; fax 405 943-7577; www.bpghome.com).

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