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Tow-Behind Generator
"I got tired of dragging extension cords all around my property to use my electric chainsaw and hedge clippers, so I built this small 2-wheeled trailer to carry a generator," says Bill Noyes, McHenry, Ill.
    Noyes pulls the Coleman 5,000-watt generator behind his Sears Craftsman riding mower. He can either plug an electric-operated tool into an outlet on the generator, or use a 20-ft. retractable extension cord that's attached to the generator's frame.
    "I already had the lumber so all I had to buy was the trailer coupler and a couple of 10-in. pneumatic tires. I bought what I needed from Harbor Freight for a total cost of about $20," says Noyes. "The wheels I used required a 5/8-in. axle so I cut the heads off two 5/8-in. bolts and inserted them into a piece of 1/2-in. conduit, then drilled a hole through each one and pinned them with a screw. Surprisingly, I found that a 5/8-in. dia. bolt will fit into 1/2-in. conduit. It was a nice fit and made for a cheap axle."        He made a platform for the generator out of 2 by 4's held together by 3-in. deck screws. The platform is clamped to the axle and the generator is secured to the platform by screwed-down brackets. The platform has a wooden tongue with a metal ball coupler. A short length of conduit, with a rubber crutch tip on it, runs down through the tongue and serves as a stand to keep the generator level. "I can adjust the height of the tongue by loosening a small screw that runs through the tongue and against the conduit," says Noyes.
    "Having the generator on wheels also makes it easy to move around the garage. I also use the generator to operate leaf blowers and shredders."
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Noyes, 7309 Deerwood Trail, McHenry, Ill. 60050 (ph 815 344-2678; wrnoyes04 @yahoo.com).

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