Vacuum Pump Helps Prevent Food Spoilage
"Every housewife should have one," says John Lovero, of the PolyCommodity Corp., national marketer of a simple, easy to use vacuum pump that provides air-free packaging of foods in plastic frozen bags.
Lovero points out that air is the major spoiler of frozen foods, and any food that's frozen in a storage bag still containing trapped air deteriorates. Air trapped around frozen food draws moisture from the food, allowing ice crystals to form, resulting in a loss of color, flavor and nutritional content, with rancidity quickly developing in fatty foods, explains Lovero.
Thanks to the new Freezer Vacuum Pump, there's an easy, safe and inexpensive way to remove this trapped air from inside freezer storage bags. A few easy pumps of the cylinder is all it takes to "shrink fit" the storage bag around the food for perfect vacuum packaging. It can also be used for packaging non-frozen foods for storage. "It will do everything from retaining the fresh crunch in your breakfast cereal to neatly and compactly storing woolen sweaters and other garments without the need for moth balls," says Lovero.
The pump, available in selected stores across the country, retails for
For more details, or if you wish to order direct by mail (add 35 cents for postage and handling), contact: FARM SHOW Followup, PolyCommodity Corp., 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10019 (ph. 212 541-9890).

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