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Kit Converts Drum Brakes To Discs
If you have a truck with rear drum brakes that needs more braking power, a disc brake conversion may be the answer. TSM Mfg. makes rear disc brake conversion kits for a wide variety of Ford, GM and Chrysler trucks and utility vehicles.
"We make conversions for most rear drive vehicles equipped with drum brakes," says Cliff Jones at TSM. "If you're redoing your brakes, the cost to install our disc brake kit is about the same as replacing your brake drums."
Jones points out the advantages of rear disc brakes, including their self-cleaning feature. If mud or grit gets inside a drum brake, it can wipe out the drum, he explains. Other advantages include increased braking power and a smoother ride.
"The large wheels that have been put on trucks in recent years reduce the effectiveness of the brakes the vehicle came with," says Jones. "Disc brakes help to overcome that as they have more braking power than drums. Also, especially on 8-lug wheels, if you remove the drum and replace it with a disc brake, you also reduce the weight of the rotating mass. Customers have told me their vehicles ride better with our kits installed."
Jones says TSM kits are easy to mount. They are also available with a caliper or without, if you choose to buy one locally. The kits can also be ordered with a front brake caliper with no parking brake function or with a rear caliper and parking brake built in.
"If a truck travels a lot of gravel roads, the cable may have already been cut in two," says Jones. "If there is no cable left, why install a parking brake caliper?"
Another advantage to disc brakes is ease of maintenance. "Once you make the conversion, it is fairly easy to change pads compared to changing shoes, and the pads will last longer than shoes do," he says. "If you watch the pad, the rear rotors should never wear out."
Jones says TSM uses as many standard American parts as possible. The company also strives to offer kits that allow the buyer to purchase as many additional parts as possible from local suppliers. However, the company does offer all parts for customers who wish to order them.
Conversion kits are priced from $259.95 per pair for GM vehicles to $289.95 per pair for Chrysler and Ford vehicles. Braided stainless steel or rubber brake lines are also available.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, TSM Mfg., 4321 E. Willow Creek Road #16, Castle Rock, Colorado 80104 (ph 303 688-6882; fax 303 660-4660; www.tsm mfg.com).

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