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Products Boost Performance Of Deere Air Seeders
If you have a Deere air seeder, you know it can be improved. The steel manifold covers can damage seed being blown at them at speeds of 30 to 50 mph. High-speed airflow can blow seed and fertilizer into and then out of the seed slot, and clumping in seed tubes can be a problem. Also, down pressure on openers is often not enough to penetrate tractor and air cart tracks, leaving seed and fertilizer on or too close to the soil surface. Phil Needham, Needham Technologies, claims he has simple solutions for all these problems.
"We sell poly Seedliners for the manifold covers, Seed Brakes to prevent bounces from the seed slot and clumping, and Spring Spacers for added pressure on openers," he says.
Needham designed and began selling the Seedliners this past year. The high-density poly diverter has a cone shape to divert seeds and reduce seed damage. It fits inside the steel manifold covers on Model 50, 60 and 90 Deere air seeders.
"The impact can especially damage soybeans, peas and canola seed, but even wheat," he says. "Producers often try to run a low fan speed to minimize seed bounce and seed injury, but if the fan speed is too low, plugging of seed tubes can occur."
Seed Brakes resolve the seed bounce and clumping problem. Available for 10 years in Canada, Needham began selling them two years ago. Installed above the seed boot, the perforated stainless steel tube allows most of the air to dissipate. "This keeps the seed from being blown out of the seed slot," he explains. "Also, a baffle inside helps even out seed flow to eliminate clumping in the tube."
To increase down pressure, Needham has introduced a simple solution. He designed a spring spacer of 3/8-in. thick material to insert in the springs. "It's just enough to increase down pressure," he says. "They provide roughly 75 lbs. additional down pressure per opener."
Seedliners are priced at $60 each. Seed Brakes are priced at $27.95 each, and Spring Spacers are priced at $25 each.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Needham Ag Technologies, LLC, 4911 KY 81 N, Calhoun, Ky. 42327 (ph 270 785-0999; phil@needhamag.com; www.Need hamag.com).

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