2008 - Volume #32, Issue #6, Page #14
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Gravity Box Turns From "Best Buy" To "Worst"

What had been a "best buy" 1994 Killbros 385 gravity box, suddenly became a "worst buy" for John Mills of Howell, Mich.
  "It happened when the right front spindle on the box's 12-ton gear broke off. Both the box and gear were destroyed," says Mills. "Three Killbros dealers acknowledged they had heard stories about spindles breaking on 12-ton gears. One dealer said he no longer sells the 12-ton gear, opting instead for the 13-ton gear.
  "I contacted Killbros and spoke to a district manager. To my surprise, he acknowledged that a small percentage' of the 12-ton gears will break a front spindle. There's no program to compensate anyone who has sustained the loss, no notification to customers or dealers, and the company doesn't intend to make any design changes.
  "I asked my attorney to get involved. He was able to speak to a vice president and, after a couple days of research, the vice president reported to my attorney that there's not now, nor has there ever been, a problem with spindles on the 12-ton gear.
  "Well, I know of at least one - mine!"
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Mills, 1750 Oak Grove Road, Howell, Mich. 48855 (ph 517 546-5622).

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2008 - Volume #32, Issue #6