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Aluminum Air Intake
Jobe Performance recently introduced aluminum air intakes designed for 7.3-liter and 6.0-liter Ford turbo diesel pickups.
  "We've done a complete re-engineering of the entire air intake system. Our intake provides maximum air flow, which boosts engine power and improves fuel economy," says inventor Reagan Jobe. "In most cases it improves fuel economy by 10 to 20 percent."
  Aluminum sheds heat five times faster than steel and six times faster than stainless steel, which lowers the under-the-hood temperature and also the air intake temperature. "The colder the air, the denser the air which results in more oxygen in the combustion chamber. Most diesel engines, especially the 7.3-liter, are oxygen deprived. Our air intake system results in 80 percent more oxygen than the factory airbox, whereas most other aftermarket air intake systems improve the airflow by only 15 to 50 percent."
  A patented "rifling" at the air inlet spins air. According to Jobe, this results in virtually unrestricted air flow. "Rifling spins the air to create a vortex. You can only get so much air through a tube by pushing or pulling it, but if you spin the air and give it direction it increases velocity by 30 to 35 percent."
  The unit is completely sealed from engine heat and also features the industry's first Hi-Flow crankcase ventilator.
  It also comes with a 1,000 cranking amp Optima battery located outside the air box and upstream of the air filter. "This is a non spillable, non leakable battery so it won't cause terminal corrosion or leak lead acid vapors," says Jobe. "The airbox in every other aftermarket air intake system contains a factory battery which puts toxic, corrosive, harmful vapors all the way through the engine components."
  Sells for $549 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jobe Motorsports, Box 123046, Fort Worth, Texas (ph 817 773-5150; fax 817 560-3893; reaganjobe@jobeperformance.com; www.jobeperformance.com).

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