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"Shop On Wheels"
Shop On Wheels, 319 West Chestnut St., Ogden, Iowa 50212 ph 515 275-4699; rlkelev@netins.net: Inventor Randy Kester says his new "Shop On Wheels" tool cart does a great job of organizing tools and also saves time and makes shop repair work much easier, with the tools and workbench right with you all the time.
  The cart is made from powder coated, 12-ga. diamond plate steel. The flat workbench will hold up to 500 lbs. It's designed to hold more than 300 different tools and sockets. "All the wheels rotate on needle bearings so even a loaded cart can be moved around as easily as you can move a shopping cart," says Kester.
  The cart measures 5 ft. long, about 2 ft. wide, and 5 ft. tall and has four different levels of shelves. It has dividing compartments for storing odds and ends. Nine sets of sockets can be stored on the top shelf.
  Two 500-watt Halogen lights mount overhead and can be rotated 180 degrees. A shop light can be pulled out from a retractable reel, and there's a strip of electrical outlets where you can plug in power tools.
  "The Halogen lights are about 7 ft. high so they won't shine in your eyes," says Kester. "This tool cart works great when you're working on tractors, semi's, combines, etc., because you can roll the cart over to the machine and shine the light right into the machine as you work on it."
  There are separate places to store screwdrivers, punches, hammers, vise grips, pliers, putty knives, punches, chisels, open end wrenches, ratchet wrenches, and much more. You can store S.A.E. tools on one side of the cart and metric tools on the other side. There's a holster for grease guns, and three other holsters for battery-operated drills or air impact wrenches and three different removable tubes for storing 10, 12, or 14-in. long nylon zip ties.
  Price starts at $1,150.

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