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He Recharges Dead Batteries With Distilled Water
Mike Toppen, P.O. Box 138, Burnips, Mich. 49314 (ph 269 673-5597; fordsrule@btc-bci.com): "I recharge dead batteries with distilled water. I just replace the acid with water, which dissolves the sulfuric acid crystals that build up on the battery plates. It's the crystal buildup that keeps the battery from recharging, and they don't dissolve as readily in acid. After hooking the charger up a couple of times, the water has turned acidic, and I replace it with fresh sulfuric acid.
  "The recharge works about 50 percent of the time, as long as the dead battery hasn't been treated with other products. I even use it on so-called no-maintenance batteries. When they seem dead, they're often just out of liquid. I drill a pinhole and inject water with a syringe, then seal it with silicone, a stainless steel screw or even duct tape. I figure if the battery is already shot, all I'm out is a little water if it doesn't work."

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