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Portable Foot-Operated ęSafety Power Cord' Operates Drill Press
Don Catron, Box 357, Bridgeport, Neb. ph 308 262-0600: "I built this portable, foot-operated ęsafety power cord' and use it to operate my drill press. It's made from a limit switch off a Valley center pivot irrigation system, an electrical outlet box, and an extension cord. I bolted the limit switch onto one end of a small flat metal plate and the limit switch to the other end and then wired them together. The extension cord plugs into any wall outlet.
  "I plug the drill press into the plate-mounted outlet and step on the limit switch to turn the drill press on or off. That way my hands are free at all times to operate the drill press. If something goes wrong, all I have to do is lift my foot off the switch to shut off the power. Eliminates the need to reach up and turn the switch off on the drill, which is really handy if I'm holding something and the drill bit catches.
  "I can use this idea to operate any kind of power tool. Just don't use a 3-prong outlet as it could be dangerous. Unfortunately it's getting hard to find two-prong electrical plug-in boxes."

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