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"Load Lock" Pants Stretcher
"I enjoyed reading the story in your last issue about the pants stretcher made by Loron Skretteborg. I've noticed that my jeans, too, are mysteriously shrinking. So I decided to make a pants stretcher like Skretteborg's but I didn't have the correct size tubing. I checked in the back of my semi tractor and found an old śload lock'," says Spider Lawman of Laurens, Iowa.
  "After about a half hour of tinkering I came up with my own version of a pants stretcher. It works remarkably well."
  The load lock was originally 8 ft. wide and consisted of one pipe that telescoped inside another pipe, with a ratchet lever used to extend or retract the telescoping pipe. Lawman used a hacksaw to cut both pipes down to the width he needed and attached small steel plates to the ends.
  "I used a magic marker to make a mark so I can make my pants the same size every time," says Lawman. "I just moisten the waist band a little and insert the load lock, then clamp a vise grip on the pants button hole so the hole doesn't get stretched out. Then I tighten the ratchet lever to the desired size."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Spider Lawman, 4546 140th Ave., Laurens, Iowa 50554 (ph 515 783-8701).

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2008 - Volume #32, Issue #4