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Chisel Plow Has Powered Shanks
Farmers who stopped by Barry Handy's exhibit at the recent Montana Agri-Trade Exposition in Billings got a look . at a first-of-itskind, S8-ft: wide chisel plow that does the job of three separate pieces of tillage equipment and folds down to a narrow 12 ft., 6 in. width for transport. The innovative new "Power Sweep" does the work of a chisel plow, blade plow and rod weeder. It has two rows of chisel plow shanks, one of which can be pulled out of the ground when not needed. To do heavy primary tillage, both rows of shanks stay in the ground. To use the machine for lighter field cultivator or rod weeder work, you simply raise the front row of shanks.
"It lets the farmer decide how much tillage is needed depending on conditions - soil moisture, amount of residue, weather, etc. This is the first machine that gives you a choice of light or heavy tillage without owning two pieces of equipment," says Handy, president of Handy Industries, Scobey, Mont.
Handy, who is also inventor of the machine's innovative hydraulic-powered rod weeder, says the Power Sweep is especially valuable on fallow ground because it can be used to kill weeds - using just the rear row of shanks and the rod weeder - while leaving residue in place. "Lets you keep your fallow ground weed-free without using chemicals. When preparing a seedbed, burying less stubble lowers the chance of crusting. Running just one row of shanks also reduces horsepower requirements and fuel costs by 60% compared to a conventional chisel plow," says Handy.
The new machine also features an innovative transport hitch that tows the machine endways rather than folding up wings. "If we put fold-up wings on this 88-ft. machine, it would still be 20 to 25 ft. wide for trans-port. Our new hitch swings the machine into transport position hydraulically, narrowing to just 12 ft., 6 in.," says Handy, noting that the machine is available in widths from 15 to 88 ft. and can be 3-pt. mounted in widths up to 30 ft.
When Handy designed the new machine, he started with the ground wheels, designing separate gangs that "float" independently so that the machine runs at an even depth across its entire width even on rolling terrain. On a 40-ft. wide machine, 3 cylinders raise the entire front row of shanks at once, controlled by a single hydraulic lever. Depth of both rows of shanks, which adjust from 2 to 6 in. deep, is also controlled by a single lever.
Handy says the machine's full-floating bridge hitch is unique in that it's built so that it has a "pull point" that's only about 4 in. above the sweeps, which makes it easier to pull. You can also pull a seed drill directly behind the Power Sweep because it leaves a level, smooth seedbed.
The company is looking for dealers.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Handy Industries, Inc., P.O. Box 2520, Scobey, Mont. 59263 (ph 406 783-5631). In Canada, contact: FARM SHOWFollowup,Rem Manufacturing Ltd., P.O. Box 1207, Swift Current, Sask. Canada S9H 3X4 (ph 306 773-0644).

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