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Super Scratcher Planter Harrow
You can shallow incorporate banded herbicide behind your planter, even on ridge-fill, with the new "Super Scratcher". Has no moving parts and makes herbicides more effective by immediate incorporation. Conserves moisture by mulching soil in planter track. Brackets clamp on most planters without drilling holes. Quick-adjust changes tine angle with one lever, and each row can be adjusted differently, if desired.
Harrow tines are normally set about 1/2 in. deep. Sixteen fines are spaced so that, across 14 in. width, a fine in one of the four rows stirs the soil every .6 in. At travel speed of 5 mph, each tine throws dirt 3 to 4 in. Retails for $165 per row.
Also available in an 8 tine "No-Till Scatcher" for use in heavy trash conditions to rake dirt over the seed. Retails for $95 per row.
An optional spray shield for use with either "Scratcher" to keep the spray pattern intact sells for $12.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dave Beckenholdt, DB Mfg., Rt. 1, Box 173, Farmer City, Ill. 61842 (ph 309 928-9705).

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