2008 - Volume #32, Issue #3, Page #31
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Garden Row Maker

Here's an easy way to make straight and perfectly spaced rows in your garden for planting. It eliminates the need for sticks, strings and conventional hoes, according to Michael Coblentz, Millersburg, Ohio.
  This Row Pro row maker lets you mark your rows for planting, and at the same time dig the furrows to whatever depth you want.
  The pull-behind unit comes with a hardwood handle with a powder-coated steel head that supports a pair of bolt-on, V-shaped spades. The head has a series of holes at each end, allowing the row spacing to be adjusted by simply relocating the bolts that support the spades. Row spacing can be adjusted anywhere from 22 to 37 in.
  A hoe may be needed to deepen the row for planting some seeds, such as potatoes. Sells for $29.50 plus $9 S&H.
  Coblentz also makes a sicklebar hoe. The tool has a lacquered hardwood handle with a V-shaped sicklebar blade. Sells for $19.50 plus 9 S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Michael Coblentz, CRM Distributing, 4922 Township Rd. 401, Millersburg, Ohio 44654 (ph 877 276-3478).

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2008 - Volume #32, Issue #3