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Weed-Free Fabric Has Built-In Drip Lines
Gardening couldn't be much easier than it is with the WeedFreeGarden blanket from EvoOrganic, LLC. The fabric blanket kills weeds and has drip irrigation built into it. Just spread it out, cut holes for plants, and turn on the water. The company sells the blanket in 100 to 1,200-ft. rolls in widths from 2 to 10 ft. The commercial grade material is also available in kits for common size home gardens.
"Our 8 by 10-ft. Garden Kit is ready to go," says Rick Harris, EvoOrganic. "Roll it out over the tilled bed, stake it down, cut holes to set seedlings, apply fertilizer and hook up the hose."
The $69.95 kit consists of the double layer polyester blanket and four drip lines that run 12 in. apart, the full 10-ft. length. A standard 3/4-in. hose hookup with a pressure reducer comes with each blanket. The blanket can be used as is or cut lengthwise into two 4 by 10-ft. strips with two drip lines each. The drip lines have a 40 gal./hr. flow rate. Lines create a watering channel 2 in. wide, leaving a 10-in. planting channel between them.
The industry standard lines can be bent back on themselves and clipped when cut. Standard 8-mm connectors, available wherever drip lines are sold, can be used to reconnect the cut lines.
"You can make two 4-ft. wide, 10-ft. long beds or a single 4-ft. wide, 20-ft. long bed or an L-shaped bed or whatever is needed," says Harris. "With drip irrigation, the water goes 14 to 16 in. deep, and the roots chase the water. You can even put it on a timer and forget about it."
Harris says the UV-protected blanket has a 5/20-year warranty. It will last at least five years if left in open sunlight. If covered with several inches of mulch, it has a 20-year expected life.
"The blanket saves up to 75 percent on normal water usage, encourages earthworms, bacteria and fungi in the soil for healthier, more disease resistant and better yielding plants," says Harris. " It leaves all the fun of planting and harvest and takes away the negatives like watering and weeding."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, EvoOrganic, LLC, 283 Gold Rush Rd., Lexington, Ky. 40503 (ph 859 296-2662 or toll free 800 731-6461; rick@evoorganic.com; www.evoorganic.com).

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