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They Sell Bumblebees For Pollination
Wild honeybees have decreased in population across North America in recent years, resulting in lower yields of smaller fruits and vegetables for home gardeners and commercial producers.
  Koppert Biological Systems aims to reverse the trend by selling "custom grown" bumblebees.
  As the only commercial bumblebee producer in the U.S., the company offers some unique advantages. "You'll find that our bumblebees are a cut above other insects, such as honeybees, when complete pollination is the goal," says Koppert. "They work faster, visiting many more flowers per minute. Their large size lets them carry huge pollen loads, allowing longer foraging trips, and achieving better contact with flowers."
  Bumblebees successfully pollinate in conditions that honeybees find intolerable. For example, they can pollinate in a greenhouse. They can also work in temperatures below 50 degrees, and this provides the perfect solution for pollinating early spring blooms. Not even strong wind or moderate rainfall will prevent the bumblebees from going about their pollination duties.
  According to Koppert, one of the company's bumblebee Garden Hives will pollinate any garden up to 5,000 sq. ft.
  Koppert Hives are maintenance-free, so "you don't have to be a beekeeper to have the benefits of proper pollination."
  The hive is delivered to your door via UPS or another common carrier, at which point you remove it from the shipping box, place it near your garden on a cinder block or bricks, open the hive entrance, and walk away. The bumblebees will do the rest.
  Although bumblebees can sting, they rarely do, according to Koppert. "In hydroponic greenhouses all over the world, Koppert's Natupol bumblebees work side by side with greenhouse workers," says Koppert's general manager Rene Ruiter. "Our bumblebees are very docile in comparison to other bees."
  Koppert Biological Systems is a worldwide leader in the research, development and production of beneficial insects, including biological crop protection products which can be used to control harmful insects in greenhouses, gardens or lawns for the professional grower or home gardening enthusiasts.
  These include ladybugs, parasitic wasps, predatory mites and nematodes for the treatment of pests such as aphids, fungus gnats, Japanese beetles, grubs, spider mites, white flies and many more.
  All of Koppert's insect products are shipped within the U.S. from the company's base in Romulus, Michigan. Canadian orders are shipped from their distribution center in Scarborough, Ontario.
   The Natupol Bumblebee Garden Hive sells for $74.99 (plus S&H). A larger unit, "The Quad," is available for commercial farming and provides 1 to 1 1/2 acres of pollination, depending on the crop. It consists of four hives, which are each priced at $62.50 (plus S&H). Canadian consumers should contact their distribution center for pricing.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Koppert Biological Systems, 28465 Beverly Rd., Romulus, Mich. 48174 (ph 800 928-8827 or 734 641-3763) and Koppert Biological Systems, 50 Ironside Cres., Unit #2, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1X 1G4 (ph 800 567-4195 or 416 291-0040; asktheexpert @koppertonline.com; www.koppert on line.com).

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