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Handy No-Skid Log Hauler
"I have a small sawmill operation and know that when logs are drug in with a skidding arch, they have a fair amount of dirt and mud in the bark, making it hard on the saw blades," explains Tim Darr, Bigfork, Montana. "Also, many customers appreciate that we don't dig up the ground."
  The two-wheeled, winch-operated unit can be pulled behind an ATV, small tractor, jeep or pickup, and because the 13-ft. long trailer is only 4 feet wide, it follows the vehicle well at reasonable speeds.
  Depending on the tow unit, Darr's unique hauler can move up to a 1,000-lb. log, keeping it completely off the ground.
  Darr backs the trailer up, straddling the log, and uses its 2,500-lb. electric winch and log tongs to lift it at a point that's closer to the towing unit than to the back of the log. It takes some judgment as to the log's weight distribution, but Darr says he would make his lift point about 9 ft. in on a 20-ft. log.
  The transporter is designed so that, as the log is lifted, the top front end of it comes in contact with a stationary bar, which forces the rear of the log up in the air until the log is parallel to the ground and about 6 to 14 in. above it, depending on the log size (also known as heel-booming).
  "The whole apparatus was made almost completely out of scrap iron and components that I already had," he explains. "The only things that cost me anything were the $48 winch, two tire rims and some welding supplies. I spent less than $150 in all."
  Citing an example, Darr says it only took him 4 hours to move more than 50 logs a distance of 300 yards to where he could load them out on a trailer. He points out that its narrow wheelbase also makes it handy for "getting back in the woods to pick up firewood logs."
  "Now that I've had such success with this prototype of mine, I'd be interested in custom building them from new iron, according to customer specs. The price would vary according to their needs, but it took me about 10 hours to build mine."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Six Point Enterprises LLC, Tim Darr, 11194 Hwy. 83, Bigfork, Montana 59911 (ph 406 250-2386; darrmt@montanasky.net).

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