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Fake Nest Scares Wasps Away
If you want to keep wasps from attending your summer backyard parties, you'll want to take a close look at this new fake nest that's designed to scare real wasps away.
  The Waspinator looks like a real wasp nest in size, shape, and color. It works like a scarecrow by making wasps think it's an enemy wasp nest. Wasps will avoid any area where the Waspinator is displayed.
  Made from lightweight, recyclable polypropylene, the Waspinator measures 12 in. high and will hang anywhere.
  "It's an easy, effective way to scare wasps away without chemicals or traps," says inventor Vikki Olson. "It works because wasps are territorial and fear being killed by rival wasps. Tests show the Waspinator deters wasps, including yellow jackets, up to 20 ft. away. Large areas may need two or more nests."
  The product is waterproof and folds up small so you can take it with you on picnics. It contains no bait or chemicals so there's nothing to clean.
  Suggested retail price is $9.99.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, DeWitt Co., 905 South Kingshighway, Sikeston, Mo. 63801 800 888-9669; info@dewittcompany.com or info@waspinator.com; www.waspinator.com).

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