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Hydraulic Driver Vibrates Fenceposts Into Ground
Richard Murray of Red Deer, Alberta, says there are a lot of reasons why his "Post-Vibe" fence post driver is superior to conventional methods of putting posts in the ground.
  It vibrates posts into the ground which Murray says is more efficient and safer than other methods.
  The Post-Vibe vibrates at up to 9,000 rpm's, depending on the machine it's mounted on. It quick taches to skid steers or farm tractors.
  The Post-Vibe installer can be used for both steel and wood posts. It reduces labor costs, Murray says, because set-up time from post to post is far quicker than for conventional post pounders.
  "The working action of the Post-Vibe post installer is safer because there's no cycling of a hammer up and down - only downward force and vibration, which does the work until the desired depth is reached."
  A cup on the bottom of the vibrator holds the top of the post so that it can't move or deflect sideways.
  "I also have a number of attachments available for the Post-Vibe, including various cup sizes, weights, and a carry basket," Murray says. "I can also custom build units."
   With just two grease nipples on the Post-Vibe, maintenance is minimal.
  The Post-Vibe comes in two different models. Model 400 is on a quick-tach plate and will only reach as high as the unit it's on. It's priced at $9,572 (Can.). Model 102 has a mast with 4 ft. of lift and sells for $13,955 (Can.). Both prices are F.O.B. Red Deer, Alberta.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Post-Vibe Inc., #3, 4625-63 St., Red Deer, Alberta, Canada T4N 7A6 (ph 403 314-0777 or 403 391-2027; info@postvibe.com; www. postvibe.com).

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