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Grain Vac's Cyclone Mounts On Seperate Trailer
Ralph Broyles, Summitville, Ind., uses a Vacuvator grain vac to load corn and beans out of bins and sheds. He didn't like having to pull the Vacuvator close to a wagon or semi trailer in order to fill it because of the risk of bumping into it and causing damage. Also, the grain vac was too tall to fit inside his flat storage building.
  To solve the problem, he unbolted the cyclone from the Vacuvator and clamped it onto a 2-wheeled trailer, which he made from the frame of an old grain auger. He replaced the flexible steel pipe that was originally attached to the cyclone with about 30 ft. of blower pipe that came with the Vacuvator system. That increased the height of the cyclone by about 6 ft. A pair of 2-in. angle iron braces were welded onto the auger frame to make the entire unit more stable.
  He uses a tractor or pickup to move the unit around.
  "It allows us to position the Vacuvator wherever it's most convenient for sucking grain, without having to worry about moving it up close to a wagon or semi trailer," says Broyles. "The cyclone can be located up to 40 ft. away from the Vacuvator. Because the cyclone no longer is directly attached to the Vacuvator, it can be fitted inside our flat storage shed. Also, the cyclone's extra height makes it easier to unload grain into a wagon or semi trailer because there's more clearance."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ralph J. Broyles, 3076 W. 1850 N., Summitville, Ind. 46070 (ph 765 536-2576).

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