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Pickup-Mounted Auger Unloader
"It works great for filling grain drills with seed or fertilizer and can also be used to refuel tractors and combines in the field," says Lester Schlenker, Hickory Ridge, Ark., who equips pickups with "auger unloaders" and big fuel tanks.
Schlenker removes the pickup bed and replaces it with an up to 8,0001b. hopper, a 200 to 400-gal. fuel tank, and a 35-ft. long, 10-in. dia. auger that extends forward 12 ft. in front of the pickup. The auger goes right through the top of the pickup cab so it's low enough to fit under highway overpasses. An A-frame brace on the pickup's front bumper supports the front end of the auger. The fuel tank sits under the auger behind the cab.
"We built the first one to service crop duster airplanes," says Schlenker, a retired crop duster. "The auger's long reach allows crop dusters to safely fill the plane with seed or fertilizer without going near the propeller blades. They just drive up to the back of the plane and auger material into the plane's hopper. Farmers like the auger pickups because they're fast and easy to use. The hopper can hold up to 250 bu. of seed or 4 tons of fertilizer and can be installed on any 1-ton-or-larger pickup. The pickup frame doesn't have to be beefed up at all, but we do recommend rear dual wheels because they help support the weight and stabilize the load. The auger can be hydraulically or pto operated. The hopper and auger are held in place by just 6 U-bolts on the pickup frame and two bolts near the cab. "
A hydraulically-operated model sells for $5,000. A pto-operated model without gas tank sells for $4,000. Gas tanks sell for $1 per gal. of capacity.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lester Schlenker & Sons, Box 42, Hickory Ridge, Ark. 72347 (ph 501 697-2181).

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