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"Dozer Bucket" For Skid Steer Loaders
"Our new attachment for skid steer loaders converts quickly from a bucket to a dozer blade. What's more, the blade can be hydraulically angled up to 30 degrees and also hydraulically side-shifted 10 in. to either side - all from the operator's seat," says Hal Whitethorn, Laser Cut, Inc., Madison, S. Dak.
  The unit consists of a 68-in. wide dozer blade with a separate hydraulic-operated clamshell-bucket mounted above it. For blading work, a hydraulic cylinder is extended to angle the blade up to 31 1/2 degrees to one side. Another cylinder is used to side-shift the blade up to 10 in. out to either side.
  To use the unit as a bucket, you extend another cylinder to bring the blade back flush and then lower the clam-bucket in front of the blade. To dump material into a truck, or to belly-dump it out in an even layer on-the-go, you retract the cylinder to partially open the bucket so the material falls out the bottom. To use the unit as a clam, you lower the clam-bucket part way down.
  Dozer extensions can be added to reach beyond the skid loader wheels. The 10-in. wide extensions are manually pinned in place - a 2-minute job. The bucket can be dumped, even with the dozer extensions in place.
  "It does everything you'd expect of a bucket - loads and picks up debris like concrete slabs, rocks, and sheet rock," says Whitethorn. "It works great for cutting drainage ditches, grading driveways, backfilling around building foundations, finish grading, moving snow, and so forth. As far as I know it's the only piece of equipment that lets you windrow snow, then pick it up and dump it into a truck for disposal.
  "It works great with the extensions for filling in trenches. You can drive parallel to the trench with the blade at an angle and roll dirt into the trench without having to do any backdragging."
  The angled blade makes it easier to clear snow from parking lots, he says. "You can drive down to one end of the lot, then turn around and drive back with the blade angled in the opposite direction, without wasting fuel. And instead of just pushing snow into a pile, you can roll it off to one side, then make another pass and roll it further off to the side. Once you get the snow rolled over where you want it, you can use the bucket for loading and dumping work, or pile the snow up even higher."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Laser Cut, Inc., 1133 1/2 NW 2nd St., P.O. Box 408, Madison, S. Dak. 57042 (ph 605 256-0450;

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