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How To Speed Up A Golf Cart
Many farmers now use electric golf carts as chore vehicles. An Indiana company says it can speed up the electric motor by 43 percent, allowing you to drive at speeds up to 23 mph. No modifications to the golf cart are necessary.  
  Electrical Motor Products, Inc. is based out of Fort Wayne, Ind., where owners Pat and Ed Koehl work out of a 50 by 100-ft. building. Customers send in their motors, which the company ships back by UPS. The cost to rebuild a motor for high speed is $250 when the company provides the core; $190 when the customer provides it. The service is available for most major golf cart brands including Club Car, E-Z-Go, Yamaha, Cushman, Harley Davidson, etc.  
  The company says the method they use to rebuild the motor to go faster is a trade secret, but that it involves a 3-system upgrade. They redesign the motor's copper windings for torque; redesign the air gap in the magnetic system; and install a high performance carbon brush that allows better use of the battery's voltage.
  "It lets you drive your golf cart faster without spending a lot of money," says Pat Koehl. "New high speed motors are available from other companies, but they cost up to $600 and you may also need to buy a new controller to regulate battery amperage to the motor.
  "A lot of our customers live in gated communities and are using their golf carts on asphalt roads. Other people use their golf carts as hunting buggies and haul game, such as turkeys or deer, back to their pickup. For such customers we offer a switchable 2-speed design that not only lets you drive fast, but also provides a low end torque speed for hauling loads. Low torque speed is 16 mph."
  The company also sells parts, bearings and wiring harnesses, etc., for golf cart motors and also buys excess cores and scrap motors.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Electrical Motor Products, Inc., 15017 Dunton Rd., Fort Wayne, Ind. 46845 (ph toll-free 877 455-1599; fax 603 947-7827; empinc @empinc.biz; www.empinc.biz).

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