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Plug Proof Unloading System For Grain Bins
Three exclusive features set the new "Center Unload System" for grain bins apart from all other bin unloaders, according to Boyd Schiltz, Wessington, S. Dak., inventor-manufacturer.
1. "It's virtually Šplug proof'. If a chunk of wet or moldy grain should happen to plug the top side gravity feed opening, sweep augers can be activated to feed grain in from the bottom side.
2. "It's the only system for existing bins that truly cleans 360?, leaving only an inch or less of grain to sweep up by hand.
3. "You don't have to bust up concrete to install the system in existing bins. Just drive a pivot pin into the center of the floor. On bins with center sumps, the system affixes right to the existing pin.
The first 3/5th's of grain in the bin gravity feeds into the horizontal tube's top-side slide opening. It's augered out by a combination powerhead/auger that slips into the tube from outside the bin.
To remove the last 2/5th's of grain that won't gravity feed into the unloader, you pull a pin and slide the powerhead /auger assembly fully forward, moving it about 1.5 in. This engages a jaw-type clutch whichdrives a mini "stub" sweep auger and the short vertical auger it feeds into. When the short stub auger has taken the grain down to the floor, you then go inside the bin to remove and replace it with a long sweep auger that cleans the full radius of the bin. It will eat its way through the grain down to the floor, then make a full 360? circle to clean out the bin except for a layer about 1 in. deep which is easily broomed into the sweep auger, says Schiltz.
If a chunk of wet or moldy grain should plug the "top side" gravity opening in the horizontal tube, the sweep augers (first the short stub auger and then the long one) can be activated to finish the job by feeding grain in from the bottom, completely by-passing the obstructed top-side opening.
The entire system is run by a single hydraulic motor, driven from tractor or truck hydraulics. Positioning of the output auger is high enough off the ground to accommodate a mixer grinder, or a hopper, Schiltz points out.
Suppose you want to equip three bins, each 18 ft. in dia., with the new unloading system. You'd need one inside unit (a horizontal tube with built in vertical auger and a short stub sweep auger) for each bin, at a cost of $974 per bin. Because they move from bin to bin, you only need one powerhead/auger ($450) and one long sweep auger ($228). Total cost to equip the three bins would be right at $3,600, an average of $1,200 per bin. Sizes available to fit bins from 14 to 30 ft. in dia. Similarly equipping three 14 ft. dia. bins would average $1,073 per bin. For three 30 ft. bins, average cost would be right at $1,679.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Schiltz Distributing Inc., Rt. 2, Box 88, Wessington, S. Dak. 57381 (ph 605 458-2220, or 2622).

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