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Sickle Section Machete
Arco Rosenow, Chillicothe, Ill.: "By welding a pair of sickle sections to the back of a cheap machete I made an inexpensive, heavy-duty cutter for getting rid of undesirable vegetation such as wild grape, multi-flora rose and light brush. The wedging action between the sickles, and their added weight, allows the tool to easily cut overhead vines. A friend of mine told me this thing is so scary looking that it's probably illegal to own.
  "Trying to carry small parts and wrenches for maintaining your machinery can be a hassle. The tools and parts can easily get lost or get exposed to the weather and rust out. To solve the problem, I make a mini tool box for each machine out of pieces of 3 and 4-in. dia. pvc pipe. I glue a cap to one end and put a removable cap over the other end. You can leave the ętool tube' on the machine all year long, or you can label each one and store them on a shelf until needed.
  "This same idea works for keeping repair manuals and service records out of the weather, without being rolled too tight.
  "Individual drill bits can be carried inside 1/2 or 3/4-in. dia. lengths of pvc in a toolbox without being damaged. Label the pipe with an indelible marker for easier identification. A 2-in. pipe will carry quite a few drill bits or even a small flashlight. I put a wad of paper in the tubing to protect the tips."

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2005 - Volume #29, Issue #6