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Depth control for planters
"It lets the operator adapt to changes in soil type and condition, changing planting depth on the go without leaving the tractor seat," says Philip Gremelspacher, farmer and manufacturer of a new depth control system for row crop planters.
Designed to fit Deere Max-Emerge and International Early Riser planters, system components fasten to each row unit without any cutting or welding. It uses electric screw actuators, controlled from the cab, to set and maintain depth at any level. A Max-Emerge planter, for example, has 17 individual depth settings. Normally, you'd have to climb down from the tractor to select the depth. With Gremelspacher's new system, you can set it at any one of those settings or anywhere in between right from the cab.
Gremelspacher has used the depth control system on his own farm for eight years. "I change depth several times within the same fields, adapting to different soils and conditions. I plant at different depths if the ground is wet or dry or if the soil is light or heavy."
The system uses screw-type electric actuators rather than hydraulic cylinders because of their pinpoint accuracy. There's one actuator on each row unit, connected through depth control arms to the depth gauge wheel on the planter. The units are all balanced by electronic controls that ensures equal depth for every row unit on the planter. The unit installs using existing bolt holes without any cutting or welding.
The system sells for about $600 per row for Max-Emerge and International Early Riser planters. Gremelspacher plans to fit other planters in the near future.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, U-Select-A-Depth, Philip Gremelspacher, P.O. Box 577, Walton, Ind. 46994 (ph toll-free 800 262-7634. In Indiana, call 800 845-2932).

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