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One-Row 3 Pt Mounted Granular Fertilizer Spreader
This photo shows my son Bradford and I with a one-row, 3-pt. mounted granular fertilizer spreader we made out of an old 30-gal. hot water heater. We use it to fertilize potatoes about one week before cultivation.
  We cut off the top end of the tank and ran a 1-in. dia. pipe down through the center of the tank to within 6 in. of the bottom. A length of 3/4-in. dia. pipe runs through the 1-in. dia. pipe and drops all the way down into a 1-in. dia. hole at the bottom of the tank. The top end of the 3/4-in. dia. pipe is connected to a pump handle that extends up to the driver. Pulling down on the handle raises the 3/4-in. dia. pipe enough to allow fertilizer to flow out the bottom of the tank and onto a metal ęsplash plate', which spreads the fertilizer in an 8-in. wide pattern. The faster the tractor goes, the lower the application rate.
  The tank, which fills from the top, is attached to the 3-pt. lift arms by welded-on metal brackets.
  The operator applies the fertilizer close to the row. If the stalks are large, he can spread fertizer right over the row. At the end of the row the operator lifts the handle back up to shut off the flow of fertilizer. It works slick and is much easier than spreading fertilizer by hand or with a bucket. (Maurice Tetford, Laurencetown, Newfoundland, Canada A0G 2Z0 ph 709 654-4357)

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