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Horse Safe Gate
Our Breezy Gate is a horse-safe gate that's catching on fast with horse owners. It's designed to prevent the horse from getting its head, legs or hooves entangled. The gate has a "step-through" opening that allows anyone to enter the gate without having to open it. The horse can be fed or watered through the opening, yet the opening is too small for the horse to get out. The hinge consists of a pair of 2-in. sleeves welded to 6-in. lag screws that mount to a wood post. A 2-ft. sleeve is welded to the gate end, and a steel pin slides through all three sleeves to prevent the gate from sagging. The gate can't get stuck in snow, mud or frozen ground.
  Prices range from $99 for a 4-ft. stall gate to $159 for a 16-ft. Breezy Gate. (Pamela Alford, Rt. 4, Box 1775, Marble Hill, Mo. 63764 ph 573 238-9829; Website: www.breezygate.com)

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2003 - Volume #27, Issue #1