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One-Pass Brush Killer Mows And Sprays
Controlling brush, multiflora rose and even Canada thistle has been easy for Jack Delaney since the Missouri farmer strapped a spray tank to the top of his 20-year old Bush Hog rotary mower.
  Delaney welded brackets to the top of the main mower housing to hold a 100-gal., flat bottom spray tank. He strapped the tank to the frame with a couple of V-belts.
"It is all gravity feed," says Delaney. "I put an electric shutoff on the tank and ran a hose from it to a hole in the housing over each of the three blades. When I get to a patch of brush that I want to spray, I just open up the nozzle and let the blades do the spreading."
While the rig doesn't allow Delaney to apply exact rates, he clipped 60 acres infested with multiflora rose and cedar trees last year and used only 100 gallons of the herbicide/diesel fuel mix. He had about a 90 percent kill rate.
"The brush is controlled easier after it has been clipped," reports Delaney. "It worked well, and I didn't have more than $200 invested in the new tank and shutoff valve."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jack Delaney, Route 1, Box 62, Greentop, Mo. 63546 (ph 660 323-5553)

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