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Floor Chain Guides On New Holland 847 Round Baler Wore Through
Bayard E. Young, Elkwood, Va.: "Three of the floor chain guides on my New Holland 847 round baler wore all the way through due to the chains wearing on them. The problem is worst on the middle guides, which bear most of the bale's load. The chains wears grooves in the guides and then through the baler floor. Eventually they get hung up and stop turning, which jams up the machine big time. We kept breaking shear pins, and eventually the main shaft that operates the apron chains broke. I ended up having to replace all seven of the chain guides on my baler.
  "Unfortunately these guides aren't as easy to change as the manual describes. You have to crawl under the baler, where there's going to be an accumulation of rotten hay and rust to deal with, to unscrew the bolts that hold the guide channels. Someone will have to help hold the bolts while you remove the nuts.
  "So if you have a baler with chains instead of belts, my advice is to examine the guides and if they look like they're wearing, add hard surface welding material to fill in the grooves."

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2005 - Volume #29, Issue #4