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Bar Makes It Much Easier To Drill Through Heavy Steel
Bill Reeks, Cromwell, Ky.: "I have arthritis so I always have to find a better way to do things. I've discovered that using a bar or pipe clamp with my drill makes it much easier to drill through heavy steel. The whole idea works similar to a drill-press. The drill gets a helping hand from a pipe clamp, which adds the necessary pressure for the bit to cut. I just slowly tighten the threaded part of the clamp. A length of wire around the drill and pipe clamp helps to steady the drill motor and clamp.
  "Want an easy way to salvage the last few drops of motor oil from its container? Find a large bottle with a neck large enough for the neck of the 1-quart oil bottle to fit inside it and set it upside down to drain.
  "When I need a short piece of small wire I use a paper clip. They're cheap, readily available, and provide the size you need when other sources aren't there. A jumbo size clip will provide 6 3/8 in. of wire.
  "Attaching a paper clip to the end of a roll of tape makes the tape end easy to find and use when needed. It saves time, frustration and tape, as some folks fold under the end ;of the tape but then that piece is no longer usable.
  "To place a screw or nail into an inaccessible area where it's difficult to hold, loop a string through a soda straw and around the screw or nail. Then hold the two ends of string and place the object."

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