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E-Z Creamer Makes Quick Work Of Corn
Shucking and creaming corn is a much easier job with a patented new product called E-Z Creamer from Southern Dimensions, Douglas, Georgia.
  This simple, time-saving device is designed to be powered by a reversible drill at 1,800 rpm's or greater. There's also a cutting board and husking tube that makes it easy to shuck the corn before creaming. The entire unit is made from plastic and stainless steel, so it won't rust.
  The cutting board consists of a knife that leverages itself against a wingnut threaded upside down on a bolt. It works like a paper cutter to chop off the ends of the cob.
  Then you stick the large end of the cob onto a "cob screw" inserted into the drill chuck.
  To shuck and de-silk the cob, you stick it into a pvc tube with brushes inside and turn on the drill. The husks come off and drop into a bucket.
  Once the cob is clean, you insert the ear in the top tube and turn it in a clockwise direction until the corn is creamed into your waiting container one or two times in and out of the tube is sufficient.
  This top tube has spring-loaded stainless steel cutter teeth, so it creams any sized ear of corn.
  To remove the cob, put the drill motor in reverse and unscrew it from the cob. Then you're ready for the next one!
  "It usually takes 7 to 10 seconds to do one ear," says Bennett.
  The unit sells for $49.95 plus shipping.    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Southern Dimensions Group Corp., P.O. Box 708, Douglas, Ga. 31534 (ph 888 507-8517; email: sdimensions@charter.net; website: www.ezcreamer.com).

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