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Rebuilt Moisture Meter 5 Times More Accurate
For more than 50 years, farmers and grain buyers have relied on the Model 919 Moisture Meter, and been frustrated by it at the same time. A new retrofit promises to improve accuracy and eliminate user frustration.
  "We take out the meter movement and chassis and replace it with a digital board and a new set of electronics with digital readouts to replace the meter movement," explains Bill Fraser, Quantum Electronics. "You used to have to play with the drum dial to find the low point. This resulted in needle error. Our digital readout centers automatically on zero and is five times more accurate."
  Quantum introduced the retrofit in November this past year with a postcard campaign and was inundated with orders. Demand remains high at $395 plus tax for a retrofit versus $4,000 for an all-new competitive digital meter.
  This is the only available digital upgrade for the Model 919, which was first introduced in 1951. The upgrade fits both Labtronics and Motomco versions of the meter.
  "There are hundreds of thousands of old Model 919's still in use," says Fraser. "We are also in the process of building our own digital version of a new one."
  In the meantime, Quantum offers a 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction on the retrofit. Try it for a year, and if you don't like it, they promise to refund your money.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Fraser, Quantum Electronics 90, 715 10th St. Brandon, Manitoba, Canada R7A 4G7 (ph 204 727-7828 or 866 919-4919; email: info@919.ca; website: www.919.ca).

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