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He Specializes In Customized Joysticks
If you sometimes find yourself with too many levers that have to be moved too quickly with too few hands, Dan Hardisty might have an answer for you. Hardisty, owner of Ellison Sales, makes customized joysticks with push button handgrips.
  "Tell us what you want to control, and we will design one to do it," says Hardisty.
  Depending on the number and types of controls to be combined, Hardisty may suggest a combination joystick and handgrip with buttons. He has designed joysticks with up to 10 off/on buttons. Buttons can be independent of the joystick or set up to vary the joystick functions. A simple design might be for the joystick to turn a control on by moving the stick ahead and off by moving it back to neutral.
  You might set it up to open one valve by moving forward, a second valve by moving to the side, or both by moving it at a 45 degree angle.
  A common use for joysticks is on spray rigs where the buttons can be set up to activate various solenoids on boom lifts or boom on-off switches. Another common use is front-end loaders.
  "Anytime you want to combine multiple functions in a single control and they are controlled by a switchable solenoid, a joystick with or without a handgrip will do it," says Hardisty.
  The customer can install most joysticks and grips himself, he says. After the initial discussion, a proposal is sent out. Once the order has been placed, the device with a schematic and template for installation will arrive. Each button or joystick junction will be color coded to the device to be controlled. Cables can be included to the desired length. The company also provides phone support and will work with a local installer if needed.
"  The only limit is what the client needs and is willing to pay," says Hardisty.
  The cost of a unit depends on its complexity and the number of switches needed. He suggests a typical job that includes a joystick and four control buttons on a handgrip would run around $770.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dan Hardisty, Ellison Sales, Inc., P.O. Box 19327, Portland, Ore. 97280 (ph 503 244-0161 or 888 244-0161; email: dan@ellisonsales .com).

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