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Crop Saving Fingers Boost Combine Capacity
"This is one of the most important improvements ever made in the separation capacity of combines," says Jim Dayton, a Deere & Co. dealer who's excited about a new farmer-invented crop-cleaning add-on attachment for combines called the Winn-O-Bar.
It consists of 16-in. long steel fingers that mount in place of the vibrating shoe and finger bar on most combines. The long fingers move up and down and back and forth, extended out over the front third of the top crop-cleaning sieve. All we did was activate and extend the fingerbar that's already on 99% of all combines. The results are almost unbelievable," Dayton told FARM SHOW.
As crop material comes off the shoe, it goes out onto the vibrating fingers which agitate it.
Dayton says the fingers agitate so well most of the chaff never even hits the sieves because it's blown away by the time it reaches the end of the fingers.
"You can open the bottom sieve all the way. There's no need to adjust it because of the effectiveness of the Winn-O-Bar," he notes.
"We converted a Gleaner L2 combine last summer and it easily outran a much larger N6 combine. It greatly boosts capacity and you don't find grain in the return auger anymore," says Dayton, who adds that the device was invented by Newdale, Manitoba farmer Cliff Usick. "He accomplished what combine manufacturers have not been able to. He's eliminated grain loss over the shoe of the combine. Usick invented the crop-shaking fingers after climbing inside a combine while it was running and using a stick to agitate the crop material as it came over the shoe."
The Winn-O-Bar is simple to mount. There are no chains, gears or sprockets. Key to its success is an offset drive arm - which moves the fingers up and down as the bar goes back and forth that attaches with a mounting plate to the sidewall of the combine.
Kits available in widths from 47 to 58 in. sell for $595 to $795. They'll fit rotaries as well as conventional machines.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Winn-OBar, P.O. Box 39, Newdale, Manitoba R0J 1j0 Canada (ph 204 849-2157, or 204 759-2065).

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