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New Stove-Top Still Lets You Experiment
"This is a learner's still - you can experiment without going broke," says John Butler, vice president of Victory Still, Inc., manufacturer of a stove-top still that can make alcohol out of kitchen scraps.
Victory Still provides you with the still, enough enzymes and yeast for 30 to 35 batches, and all the forms you need to operate legally with a federal experimental permit. One 5-gal. batch makes about one gal. of fuelgrade alcohol.
"You follow the same steps as on a farm-size still but do it on a smaller scale. Without spending a bundle, you familiarize yourself with the basic processes," explains Butler. Here's how the still works: You fill it with vegetable peelings and other kitchen garbage (or regular grain), boil it for 15 min. mixed with two enzymes, and let it sit for 3 to 5 days. Then, it goes back on the stove to boil off the alcohol. In 90 min., you'll have about one gal. of home-brewed alcohol.
"We've gotten as high as 192 proof but the average is 170," notes Butler, adding that it burns great in chain saws, lawn mowers and other small engines.
If garbage is used, total cost will be around 25 cents a gal., depending on local utility rates, and several batches can be boiled up and fermented at once in a separate container. It's also possible, by passing it through the still a second time, to make 200-proof alcohol that can be mixed with gasoline.
The new still sells for $99.95.
For more information; contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Victory Still, Inc., 3317 Tait Terrace, Norfolk, Va. 23513 (ph 804 855-7110).

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