2005 - Volume #29, Issue #2, Page #05
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800,000 Fords Recalled

Since our story in the last issue about reports of F-150's, Explorers, and Lincoln Navigators burning up, Ford has issued a recall of 800,000 of the vehicles from the 2000 model year. Reason? They have a nasty habit of bursting into flames, even while parked and unattended.
  Some Ford owners are pushing for a recall in other years as well.
  A couple of TV stations - WESH in Orlando, Florida, and KHOU in Houston, Texas - have tracked down hundreds of cases of trucks that have caught on fire. In nearly all cases, station reporters say the problem has been traced to faulty switches located under the hood. Consultants hired by the station feel the recall should be widened to include vehicles from 1997 to 2002. The problem is so serious, owners are being told not to park the trucks in garages or near any other structures until the recall work is done. (Excerpted from www.poynter.org)

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2005 - Volume #29, Issue #2