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Lifter Arms Fit Any Chainsaw
If you've ever used a chainsaw to cut downed wood or limbs on the ground, you know it can be a frustrating job. This new attachment lifts the wood for cutting, keeping the chain up out of the dirt.
  "It lets you work fast, and it also extends the life of your bar and chain by keeping them off the ground at all times," says inventor Gerald Porter.
  The Chainsaw Buddy can be used with any gas or electric chainsaw equipped with a bar at least 14 in. long. No modifications to the chainsaw or bar are required. It can be used to cut logs up to 8 in. in diameter.
  The cast aluminum unit attaches to the chainsaw bar with three pressure-mount screws. A pair of 12 1/2-in. long, curved metal "swing arms" slip under the log. A pair of vertical metal uprights with serrated stops hold the wood in place. The uprights can be adjusted forward or backward, depending on the size of the log, by simply unscrewing a hand knob.
  As you cut, the swing arms - which are free to pivot - allow you to rotate the chainsaw down into the wood. A "stop" on the unit's main body keeps the chainsaw bar from touching the ground.
  "It holds the wood for you, letting you work in a safer, more balanced position. You don't have to stand on one leg while using the other leg to steady the wood you're cutting," says Porter. "It weighs a little less than 3 lbs., but the only time you really feel the extra weight is when transporting the saw to a new location. Otherwise, the swing arms help balance the saw and stay on the ground so you hardly notice the extra weight."
  He says it's not meant for cutting branches off trees, because the swing arms would get in the way. "I leave the attachment on one of my chain saws all the time just for cutting felled logs. I use another saw to cut trees down and to trim off the limbs. However, it takes only a minute or so to put it on so you don't need to have two saws."
   Sells for $42.99 including S&H; $59.99 including S&H in Canada.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gerald Porter, 47 Susan Drive, Westfield, Mass. 01085 (ph 413 568-7111; email: information @chainsawbuddy.com or gporter@chainsaw buddy.com; website: www.chainsawbuddy .com).

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