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First-Of-Its-Kind Backpack Welder
Here's a welder you can take anywhere because you carry it on your back!
  "There's never been anything like it on the market," says A. Blazina of ZENA, Inc., about the company's new lightweight go-anywhere welder.
  The backpack welder is powered by a small 2-cycle gas engine that was originally developed to power racing go-carts and military drone aircraft. It's a precision engine that Blazina says has a lot of power, yet it's light enough to keep the entire weight of the welder down to 62 lbs.
  Blazina, who also manufactures the popular ZENA welder that can be fitted to existing engines, including motors in tractors and pickup trucks or even garden tractors, says the 150 amp, 100 percent duty cycle backpack welder does the job of big commercial welders that cost considerably more.
  "The great thing about this welder is that you can take it anywhere. For example, you can ride out with the welder on your ATV rack to fix equipment in the field and then carry the welder to other locations where even your 4-WD can't go. You're not tethered to anything," says Blazina.
  "We already have a customer flying these units in small helicopters to remote locations, climbing 200-ft. towers with the welder on their back to make repairs that previously could only be accomplished with large welders carried to the site by huge, expensive-to-operate cargo helicopters. Just the welding cables for those kind of setups would weigh more than the backpack welder."
  The welder, which just came on the market this winter, sells for $2,595.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, A. Blazina, ZENA, Inc., 330 Club Springs Road, Elmwood, Tenn. 38560 (ph 615 897-2011 or 877 936-2462; email: contact@zen

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