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Snowmobiling Without Snow
If you own a snowmobile, you'll be interested in a new wheel kit that lets you run your snowmobile without snow.
"Interest has been tremendous," reports Harold Parrow, developer of the just-introduced Mini-Wig, :1 conversion kit which turns virtually all makes and models into year-around fun machines. "In some cases, the kits are putting used snowmobiles with worn out or broken tracks back into useful service," Parrow points out.
He notes that a conventional snowmobile equipped with wheels can be registered as a recreation vehicle and, if desired, licensed for down-the-road travel.
A Snowmobile equipped with the wheel kit will go approximately 20% faster than its maximum speed as a conventional snowmobile running on snow, according to Parrow. It takes about 3 hours to remove the track and skis and install the wheel conversion kit. The standard kit, including 8 in. wheels, coil spring front and rear suspension, drive chain, axles and other parts, retails for $795.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harold Parrow, Mini-Wheel Inc., Dilworth, Minn. 56529 (ph 218 287-2256).

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