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Sloped Mattresses Help With Medical Ailments
Barbie Torrez went through something most parents have nightmares about. Her 16-day old son choked on his vomit from a condition called Gastroesophageal Reflux. "For the next year of his life, he had to sleep in his car seat," she says.
  When another child was diagnosed with the same condition, she grew tired of rigging up slanted mattresses with books, bricks and towels. That's when she got the idea of making a 30-degree inclined mattress.
  And since many adults also need to sleep on a slant, she started making them in a variety of sizes and firmness levels.
  Normal pillows work with them and don't slip. The 30-degree incline adds 6 in. to the top of the mattress. For example, a king size mattress is normally 9 in. thick. At the head, the inclined mattress is 15 in. thick and slopes down to the end of the bed where it's 9 in. again. This could reduce severe illnesses, chronic pain and even sleepless nights, Torrez says.
  For cribs, the incline is also 30 degrees but 9 in. at the head and 5 in. at the bottom.
  The mattresses cost anywhere from $80 for bassinets up to $1,100 for king size beds, plus S&H.
  She also offers a portable fold-up travel mat that fits on top of a normal mattress. They cost from $149 for a twin to $299 for a king size mat.
  Torrez has specialty sheets in various thread counts and colors for the mattresses. They sell for $26 to $90.
  She is currently creating comforters for them as well.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Barbie Torrez, 3523 Wright Street, Wheatridge, Colo. 80033 (ph 303 420-5342 or 720 937-3326; email: torrez777@aol.com).

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