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"Do-It-Yourself:" Boot Dryer
After coming home during the winter with wet boots, and during the summer with sweaty feet in his boots, David Meyer decided he needed a boot dryer. So he made his own out of scrap plywood and the fan from an old computer.
  "I looked at boot dryers on the market, but decided I could make my own for less money," says Meyer.
  The boot dryer consists of a small wooden box with the fan in the middle on top. The fan hooks up to an electric cord that's plugged in. It draws air into the box and forces it up through a pair of 1 1/2-in. dia. PVC pipes mounted onto each end of the box. To dry his boots, Meyer simply places them upside down on the pipes and then plugs in the fan.
  "No more wet or damp boots whenever I go back to put them on - and no more unpleasant smells," says Meyer. "I've used my homemade boot dryer for about eight years now and needless to say, it makes my wife happy, too."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, David E. Meyer, 6247 Crows Mill Lane, Springfield, Ill. 62707 (ph 217 585-8118).

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