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Easy Way To Recharge Rope-Type Cattle Oilers
"To control flies, I've used rope-type cattle oilers across cattle gates for many years so cattle have to rub against them to pass. This is the handiest idea yet for staying clean when refilling them," says Frank Lennaman, Vichy, Mo.
  After trying many ways of refilling the oilers he finally came up with the idea of using a 2 1/2-gal. plastic jug and a 16-in. long plastic toilet supply line.
  He drills a hole in the lid of the jug and inserts the supply line up through the lid, pulling it all the way through so the knob at the end of the line fits tight against the lid. After pouring a mixture of fly spray and oil into the jug, he screws the lid back on with the supply line extending straight up. The liquid material comes out in a small, controlled stream instead of a large stream as it would from the jug's regular fill opening. "I don't spill a drop," says Lennaman. "If I poured the liquid out of a jug it would be all over me."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Frank Lennaman, 15135 Hwy. 63 South, Vichy, Mo. 65580 (ph 573 299-4606).

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