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He Uses Tractor Blad To Pull Posts
"I can take out a quarter mile of wood fence posts in an hour without ever getting off the tractor," says Robert Rodenberg, Norborne, Mo., who came up with a method to use a 3-pt. grader blade to dig out posts.
  The heavy duty, 9-ft. blade is mounted on his Deere 4020 2-WD tractor. Rodenberg didn't make any modifications to the blade at all. He just moves the blade as far as it will go to one side of the tractor, then tips it to its steepest angle.
  Rodenberg drives slowly alongside the fence line. When a post is about even with the middle of the tractor's rear wheel he drops the front end of the blade down into the ground at a point about 2 ft. from the post. Just before the blade gets to the post he raises it, which then pulls the post up and out. The process is repeated until all the posts from the fence line have been removed.
  "It really works slick," says Rodenberg. "It takes only about an hour to take out a quarter mile of fence posts. All together I've taken out about three miles of posts. When all the posts are out of the ground I drive the opposite way and use the blade to fill in the post holes. I also place the posts in the tractor's loader bucket at the same time. I think the same idea would work on steel posts.
  "This idea will work only with a heavy duty blade. I go as slow as I can with the tractor to keep from tearing anything up."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert Rodenberg, 120 Eastwood St., Norborne, Mo. 64668 (ph 660 593-3408).

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