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Ford F-250 Powered By Converted Olds Diesel
There's a '84 Ford F-250 3/4-ton pickup in New Jersey that's had an unconventional life. There were more than 270,000 miles on its original 351 engine before it was replaced in 1995 with an Oldsmobile diesel engine that had been converted to gas. They also installed a GM transmission.
  Owner Antonio Seda and some friends got the Oldsmobile engine at an auction. He lives at Great Meadows, N.J. and was assisted by Eric Barsony and Mike Haynes.
  To convert the diesel engine to gas, the trio took the whole top of the engine off and put on a new set of heads. They modified the intake manifold and installed a four-barrel Oldsmobile carburetor. All they used from the original was the block.
  The block is a 1968 or 1969 and according to Barsony, it was easy to put in because the original drive shaft length was a good fit. Only a few minor modifications were necessary, like elongating the holes on the frame for the motor mounts, putting on brackets for the back end of the transmission, modifying the shifting linkage, and changing the yoke on the drive shaft.
  "The job was made a lot easier because we also installed the TH400 GM transmission," Barsony says.
  Since the converted engine was installed, Seda has put on another 120,000 miles and it's still going strong.
  "I've driven to California with it 18 times," Seda says. "I'd put it up against anything else out there. I get about 18 miles per gallon and it has a lot of power. I do a lot of driving and hauling with it. The truck has a heavy frame - the type that's suitable for a tow truck or ambulance."
  Because the engine was originally a diesel, it has a stronger crankshaft and bearings in it and a stronger block, according to Seda.
  "I have a lot of Oldsmobile diesels on hand and would consider selling some of them," Seda says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Antonio Seda, 66 Danville Mt. Rd., Great Meadows, N.J. 07838 (ph 908 637-9843).

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