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Danish Furnace Burns Wood, Hay or Straw
Out of Denmark, where it has thousands of successful customers, comes the Passat central heating system for burning wood or other solid fuels.

The Passat heater can be installed as an independent heating system - or in combination with oil or gas - for distributing heat like a warm air furnace, or through a hot water boiler.

The Passat burns solid wood logs up to four feet long, as well as coal. In Denmark, the furnaces are often fueled with tightly packed bales of hay or straw.

The heating plant is equally adapted for home or commercial heating. It could be used to heat a hog house, calf barn, or greenhouse. It usually fits into the system of an existing house or building without any major modifications.

For residential use, Passat recommends a 150,000 BTU unit and, for BTU size which sells for $1,200. For farm use, the manufacturer recommend a 150,000 BTU unit and, for commercial use, a 500,000 BTU unit that costs $4,500.

Passat USA, the American distributor, has sold more than 2,000 units in the United States. Demand is heavy, and they are taking orders now for next fall delivery.

For information contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Passat USA, Inc., One North Road, East Kingston, NH 03827 (ph 6p3 642-8553).

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