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New Way To Build Rock Roller
Most rock rollers we've seen over the years are tanks filled with either water or concrete. Randy Pentz, Lost Creek, Utah, came up with a new way to build a roller by putting a 3-ft. dia. piece of pipe inside a 4-ft. dia. pipe and filling the 6-in. gap between them with concrete.
  Pentz says there were two main reasons for the design: One, it would have weighed too much if either size pipe would have been filled with concrete. And two, the roller pulls easier with most of the weight on the outer edge.
  Using concrete instead of water also helps strengthen the roller because the pipe wall is only 1/2 in. thick, which made it less expensive and easier to get than heavier pipe.
  The ends of the inner pipe are capped and sealed tight to hold compressed air, fuel or even water for additional weight. The tongue is made from 4-in. dia. drilling pipe connected to heavy angle iron bars on the end. A pair of 3-in. shafts are welded and braced to the 3/4-in. thick end caps on the roller. The hitch pipe does not go all the way through the center pipe.
  Total weight of the roller is 6 tons.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Randy Pentz, Lost Creek, Utah (E-mail: x350@allwest.net).

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