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Convert Your Canoe Into A Paddle Boat
If you think canoeing is fun but wish there was an easier way to paddle, you'll be interested in the new JetBlade - a portable device that clamps onto any canoe and quickly converts it into a paddle boat that can be powered by either your hands or feet.
  The JetBlade uses four paddle blades on each side of the canoe to propel it forward. The blades are connected by a driveshaft to both foot pedals as well as to a hand crank. The unit folds up into a small carrying bag.
  The paddling device can be set up at either end of the canoe, or at both ends. To pedal with your feet, you need a backrest of some kind. When turning the paddles with your hands, you sit on the floor of the canoe. If you use two JetBlades in a single canoe, one person should use their feet and the other use their hands.
  If you're alone, you steer the canoe by leaning your weight slightly in the opposite direction to the one you want to turn in your canoe. That causes the paddles on one side of the canoe to dig deeper into the water. Steering can also be accomplished by dipping a conventional paddle into the water to act as a rudder.
  The company says it will soon offer a portable canoe rudder.
  Sells for $399 (U.S.) including S&H. A canoe backrest sells for $79.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Canect Outdoors, 10 Harvard Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6R 1C6 (ph 866 538-4445 or 416 538-9399; Website: www.canectoutdoors.com).

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